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Most of the time I think mushrooms look rather unappetizing. Fungal. So when I came across these fuzzy guys last week at the mothership (more familiarly, the Ferry Building Farmers Market) I couldn’t resist. Sure, fuzzy can also be interpreted to mean, er, moldy, but here we have pristine white balls of fluff that were just so appealing. The vendor assured me they didn’t even need to be washed.

What do they taste like? Really mild, similar to a butto or regular white mushroom with what I think is a smoother taste; they’re not robust like a crimini or portabello, or super-potent like a shitake. They’re more delicate -you can see how porous and light they are- but can go well in a variety of dishes. This week I’ve used them in both the stuffed acorn squash and a breakfast scramble with spinach and a local sheep’s milk mild cheese.  I have  also heard  some claim that this fungus can actually ward off dementia and stomach ulcers. Brain tonic that tastes good, brilliant!




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This posting is otherwise known as “stuff a squash with anything and it tastes good”, I just thought that title was a little wordy. I hadn’t really befriended squash in any earnest way until last year in New England, probably because squash just looks more appropriate there I guess; the only dishes I remember seeing growing up on the west coast were mountainous piles of orange blob-y stuff with a bunch of marshmallows on top…later identified as sweet potatoes. Hmm, not interested. Anyway, I have since done some lateral exploring of different gourd family members (god I love that word) and I am now a fan.


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Cute Food #1: Lady Apples


Regular apple shown to demonstrate scale. So tiny!


Okay, since I’m kind of ridiculous I just had to post this picture. I’m one of those people who buys things at the grocery store just because I’ve never seen them before. Especially if they’re cute. It keeps me entertained and is a way to avoid eating asparagus and strawberries every day of my life. And since I do this quite often and am now in a city where unusual and pretty produce is abundant, I’m starting a new blog series to introduce my charming new finds.

Have you ever seen these? Lady apples. Adorable. Too bad they’re a little tart for me, but if you’re into that sort of thing these are a great snack or a good boredom solution. The novelty kicks a regular apple’s butt!

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