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My ice cream maker and I made up. The last time out might not have worked out so well, but this sure did.


I’m sugary and caffeinated, try to resist me.

On this hallowed day, in the year 1984, our fearless leader Ronald Reagan did solemnly decree today National Ice Cream Day. In honor of this day, I am posting nothing but ice cream: the good, the bad, and the lightly creamed. Today I had to reconcile with my new ice cream maker (see post below) and I chose another delicious concoction straight from Bi-Rite Creamery, coffee toffee. When one spends 48 hours straight in her house relentlessly memorizing and integrating the genotypic consequence of hemoglobin disorders it becomes very important to reward oneself with things that make her happy. Like ice cream.



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This did not work.


In the interest of full disclosure, here was a very good idea gone very wrong in practice. My lovely friends, Whitney and Bruno (of Brasilian food fame), have once again enhanced my food-eating life and got me an ice cream maker for my birthday. This is incredibly dangerous given the complete and utter lack of will power I have for this particular dessert, but sadly our inaugural efforts with the machine were painfully bad. And yes, it is painful when ice cream is bad. That just shouldn’t happen.

When we went to the corner store to pick up some last minute items, it was clear that someone else in the neighborhood was trying to start an ice cream parlor and had gone and cleaned the place out of heavy cream. Please everyone, don’t make the mistake we did: LIGHT CREAM DOES NOT WORK. If the recipe says heavy cream, listen to it. Your dessert will thank you.

I will try this again because I love ginger and blueberries and they shouldn’t be given up on so quickly. But next time the instructions will be adhered to with more care.

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Last summer while I was out visiting San Francisco, my friend Sophie committed a¬†unspeakably cruel act of torture…she took me to Bi-Rite Creamery. It was there that I first tasted the oh so sinful salted caramel ice cream and the love affair worthy of a Shakespearean comedy-tragedy began. Yes, I covet. Yes, I yearn. Woe is me, if only I lived at the corner of 18th and Dolores.

Now those of you familiar with Boston will understand that this is a city that takes its ice cream seriously. In fact, today is the final day of Scooper Bowl 2009, annual proof that this delectable and venerable dessert is not to be taken lightly. That being said, I have begged and pleaded with the local creameries to develop this flavor into their regular repertoire to no avail. So, even though it is currently 55 degrees and cloudy in Boston, and even though making your own ice cream is an enormous pain in the butt, I am left with no choice but to take matters into my own hands. And thanks to David Lebovitz, my efforts were not in vain.



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Carrot Oatmeal Cookies

Apparently I like green food. Everything on this blog so far seems to be green. Today, I aim to to mix that up a little with this recipe for some really tasty cookies…because green cookies would be more than a little disturbing.


Yay for orange. These cookies were inspired almost directly from a recipe I yoinked off of 101 Cookbooks, one of my very favorite blog sources. The rad thing about this recipe is that there is no sugar in it. Yup, you read that right. I don’t know if these cookies are just an evil trick to get you to think you’re eating healthily or if they actually aren’t too bad for you, but either way I’m hooked. Now I don’t bake too often, but I lurve me some carrot in dessert…carrot cake, carrot muffins, etc. The cookie concept had to be explored.


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